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STUDIO PHOTOS & Information

Our Studio is located in Chantilly Virginia and offers a wide variety of options, lighting effects, backgrounds and media formats.  The length of the stage can accommodate at least 8 people standing side by side and more with a staggered arrangement of the people.  All Photos are taken with a 14 bit High Definition at 6000px by 4000px Raw format using low light Nikon ED lens to capture sharp beautiful photos.


Descriptions of Service

Looking for Head Shots for your business cards or marketing materials, No Problem.  We can offer you same day turn around or next day for shots needing to be edited or touched up.  The Portrait photos can be taken against black, gray, white or green screen.  We find the white option offers the highest resulting flexibility with natural looking color balance.  So come prepared with a change of cloths if desired.  Please note we do not offer makeup so come all dolled up and ready to go.  Our studio is cooled and uses low heat lighting. 

Action Shots are great for your marketing materials and helps sell your marketing messages.  We offer blank boards, arrow signs and real estate signs where we can add what ever message you want to match your branding and message.  We have additional props that can also be used during your Action Shots, such as keys, books, old phones, and more.  If you like you can bring your own signs and use them during your Action Photo shoot.

Group Shots are not a problem.  We have taken group shots of 24 people at a single photo session. We take multiple photos to ensure we get great facial expressions on each person and we can edit the group photo to trans pose those great facial expressions on to a single group shot to ensure great smiles/expressions on every member of the group shot.

Group Shots where people could Not Show Up – we have you covered, no problem.  We will leave room during the positioning so we can add them in once they are able to show up.  We take notes where the hole(s) are and have the person(s) stand where those holes are located during the additional photo session. Then we seamlessly blend them into the final group shot.

Professional Photos of the missing group person – taking the positions of the selected group photos in to account during the photo session. The same background is used that was selected for the group photo.  We then seamlessly edit that person into the final group photo and no one will ever know that they were not part of the original group

Photo Editing & Touch up of your photos. We offer touch up and cutout of the backgrounds. We do not do this for every photo, instead we have you select which photos you want to keep and identify which photos you need to touched up.  We then process the edits needed to the individual photos.  

CUT OUT Photos for Layered Media ?  CUT OUT Photos –  provide that extra profession looking results.  We can only remove the background against White or Green Background. Cutting out the subjects from the background allows the resulting images to be used in a layered approach with your marketing media.  This is similar to the green screen process but is done by hand to ensure the highest quality.   This is compatible with all Adobe Products, MS Word, MS Publisher and most publishing software for PC & MAC.

Above is one such example.  Agent Action Photo with a Cut-Out Photo is easily placed on to an open house marketing piece, making it easier and faster for you to create your marketing materials.




STUDIO PHOTO Pricing is based upon the estimated studio time and time required for touch-up.  Even the simple agent photos takes more time than you could expect.  Then for group photos, that even takes that much longer.  Agent Action photos we try and take many different photo angles with a variety of props.  


We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, PayPal, Checks & Zelle.
A convenience fee of 3.9% is applied for credit cards & PayPal.
 Payment is expected at time of service or arraignments made prior to photo shoot.
Studio Head Shot

$25 Sitting Fee
$10/photo w/BG
$20/photo no BG.
Professional head and shoulder photo taken from several angles against a background of your choosing.  You choose which photos to keep.  Background removal is optional
Agent Action Photos

1 hour blocks
$20/photo no BG
Professional Photos taking head-shoulders / partial full body / full body, different poses, various photo angles & real estate props against a white backdrop. All photos have background removed and easily used with layered marketing materials.
Group Photo

2 hour blocks
$30/photo no BG
Professional Photos of the group – taking head-shoulders / partial full body / full body, different poses, various photo angles & real estate props against a white backdrop for 3 or less and green screen for groups larger than 3.
Missing Person
Group Photo

Professional Photos of the missing group person – taking the positions of the selected group photos in to account during the photo session.
Touch Up

$20-$80 per photo
Photo editing / touch up of a photo.  Simple edits cost less more complex photo editing is higher priced.  Background removal only for White or Green Screen backgrounds.



STUDIO Preparation Tips

  • Dress professionally and we recommend wearing a solid colored shirt that is wrinkle-free. 
  • Avoid colors too close to your skin tone
  • Avoid patterns and stripes
  • Bring a couple of choices clothes if you are doing an Action Agent session.
  • Keep makeup subtle – a make-up artist can be hired upon request
  • Bring a hair brush and oil-blotting face wipes
  • You can use our bathroom for changing of clothes and preparation