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PHOTO Information

We are going to make your listing look stunning!   Using Existing Light Fusion HD Photos we capture the beauty and charm of each room.  The character of the room is highlighted and not erased by HD Flash Photos that so most companies use.   Each photo is comprised of 6, 9 or 15 photos where the exposure is adjusted to capture those areas too bright and sweeping to those areas too dark.  Each set of photos are combined using Fusion HD process and color corrected to create stunning results.  In some cases where the existing light is too low – we will use a flash to help fill in some additional lighting to aid in the capture those rooms.  Our camera equipment is either Nikon or Canon 14bit image and using an ultra wide angle architectural zoom lens that does not distort the image, delivering 14mm ( FOV of 100 deg ) to 35mm.  The result will leave your sellers very happy and generate higher buyer interest and showings.  After all the role we play is to generate interest in your listing and show it in the best possible way.  

Best Sun for Great Front Photos..  For outside photos we try and schedule the photo shoot when the front of the property will be in full sun.  Sometimes the sun does not cooperate and is covered up by clouds or the property angle is north facing.  Never fear we can adjust most photos and apply our Blue Sky Touch-up , turning most gray sky into nice blue sky.  Our Touch Up service extends beyond Blue Sky Touch Up and we can alter landscaping and other areas: like touch up grass, flowers, remove bikes & other elements, reduce the roof staining, remove in side wall damage, wires and many more touch up items.  

Photo Delivery Time.  Our photos require Fusion Developing after we arrive back at the office.  After the photos are processed we attempt to delivering the photos to the agent(s) before 36 hours.   There are times that the delivery time gets pushed out a few hours as back loads do and can occur.  We do offer same day delivery as well as next day rush – please use these as an exception and not the rule. 

Photo Delivery Method. We have 2 methods for delivering the photos.  Method 1 – As Email Attachments – typically 10 to 15 photos per email. You have to save them to a folder before they can be uploaded to Bright MLS.  This is good for smaller photo sets.  Method 2 – As a ZIP / Compressed file ( URL in the email – click to download ) – the entire set of photos & documents are located within the ZIP / Compressed file.  Those photos will need to be extracted from that file into a folder on your computer before they can be uploaded to Bright MLS.  All photos being delivered are either 2500 pix wide or 3000 pix wide – your option.  The 2500pix wide photos can be color printed on a 9 inch wide paper / brochure / flyer with no blurring and larger with almost no blurring.  The 3000 pix wide can be printed on 11 inch wide paper with no blurring.  If you require higher pixel width please let us know prior to the photo shoot.

Please don’t keep us waiting. We may need to charge for that time. – why do we charge for that time?  Normally waiting time is not a factor and we normally charge that fee as an exception.  We have shown up to homes for photos that were in the finishing up stages of being ready for photos and had to wait an hour until the contractor or cleaning crew was finished.  We will always try and work around the contractors and optimize the time by taking the photos we can – but sometimes that does not workout and we have to charge a Waiting Time Fee.  Just be ready – and there should be no associated fee.

Just not ready for photos or cancelled last minute.  If we are not notified that home is not ready and we show up to take photos, we will have to charge a minimum On Site Fee. It is simple to avoid this fee, just be aware when the home is actually ready and keep us informed, one day ahead is preferred.  We want to keep you happy, but as the old saying goes time is money and a typical photo shoot allocated 45 minutes.


Virtual Tours & Brochures

While on site taking photos we have many options to turn that work into additional marketing materials to help get your listing sold quickly and for the highest price. 

Real Estate Virtual Tours – We have various types of virtual tours.  Photo Gallery – This shows a photo list (gallery) of all of your photos. We can remove or add photos as needed. Photo Slider – This is shown at the top and rotates through all of the photos at 5 seconds per slide or what ever speed you need.  Slide Show Video – This is a true video but is similar to look and feel to Photo Slider, but because it is a video the URL of the video can be uploaded to other web sites like Facebook, YouTube and others.  Walk Thru Video – this is a video walk-thru of your listing with many optional features like, room by room descriptions, branding, playback Teaser, Short or Full and other options. 

V-TOUR Information


Real Estate Brochures with fantastic layouts.  Our brochures are unique in layout and focus on showing photos of different sizes and are organized to tell the story of your listing.  There are many different layouts which are different based upon the type of home being presented – like Condos typically only need a 8.5×11 brochure, Townhouses have a layout that is set to accommodate the height of the Front & Rear photos.  Single Family multi-level homes are best served by 11×17 brochure bi-folds, sometime larger Townhouses, which allows more room for photos and room and larger sized photos of the key rooms.  And for those larger homes we can up size the brochure in one of two ways.  First we can make the 11×17 brochure booklet format which provides 4,8,12++  pages of photos.  Second we can print up to 11×26 brochure tri-folds or 11x 34 brochure quad folds.



PHOTO Pricing

Why pay more – with our Priced Right Photo Pricing, you save money and you receive proven professional results.

All Photos packages over $165, come with 1 Aerial, 1 Touch-Up, Digital Copy of Your Photos at no extra charge.  Additional Aerial & V-Tour options available click PHOTO Information [TAB] for details and PHOTO Options[TAB] for pricing.  

Pricing is based upon the size of the home which is an indication of the number of areas that will need to be photographed.  When we  provided price quote to you we are basing that upon information from the tax records or  your description of the home, number of rooms and outside elements. In some cases this information is inaccurate and  may result in pricing being adjusted to reflect the time needed for the various photos to be taken.  Additionally travel and waiting time is also factored into the overall prices.   Our primary service area is Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria and Price William, with a minor travel charge for the Woodbridge area.  Extended Service areas are more, due to time and distance, but if multiple homes are scheduled for that area we will work with you to share the cost across those homes.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, PayPal, Checks & Zelle.
A convenience fee of 3.9% is applied for credit cards & PayPal.
 Payment is expected at time of service or arraignments made prior to photo shoot.
Rental Photos

Dedicated towards Rental Listings.  15-20 Photos of just the key rooms, and one exterior. Same photo quality.
Condo 1-2 Bed

Typical Condo with 1 or 2 bedrooms, plus exterior on one level.
Large Condo 1,2 Lv

Condo that is much larger than 2 bedroom. One Level

Small Townhouse

Small 2 level townhouse
Medium Townhouse

Medium sized townhouse with 3 level
Large Townhouse

Large Townhouse with 3 or more levels, under 2500sqft

Small Home

2 Level, or Split Level Home like typical rambler single family home.

3 level Home with 3 to 4 bedrooms
Large House

Larger Home with 3 to 5 bedrooms, 3000-4000sqft. Comes with Photo Slider & Photo Gallery Virtual Tour
Large Home

Larger Home with 3 to 5 bedrooms, 4000-5000sqft. Comes with Photo Slider & Photo Gallery Virtual Tour

Estate Home with 4 to 7 bedrooms, 5000-7000sqft. Comes with Photo Slider & Photo Gallery Virtual Tour
Large Estates 

7000sqft plus
Estate Homes above 7000sqft.


PHOTO Option Pricing

Why pay for options you don’t plan on using, with our Priced Right Photo Pricing, you save money and you receive proven professional results.

Below are the options associated Photo Service for your property.  Photo Package of $175 and over come with a free Basic Virtual Tour – Photo Gallery and unique URL associated with the property (this is not a Dedicated Web Site).   More advanced Virtual Tours with additional features are available for your property.   

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, PayPal, Checks & Zelle.
A convenience fee of 3.9% is applied for credit cards & PayPal.
 Payment is expected at time of service or arraignments made prior to photo shoot.

We photograph the Community Amenities, Gym, Pool, Rec-Area, Tennis Courts, Basket Ball Courts. Most Condos are additional $20 and community amenities are an additional $50
Local Shopping 

$20 / area
Photos of the Near by Shopping Center, taking several shots of the shopping area. Note – we can’t do anything about the cars in the photos.
Land Photos 

10-15 Detailed Photos of your Land focusing the Points of Interest around the land and the corners of the property to show the acreage.
Outside Only 

$75 / $50
$50 if part of a property photo set.  This allows the exterior to be photographed on a sunny day when interior is not yet ready.
Additional Aerial 

Additional 10 Exterior Aerial Photos are taken to help showcase your property and the various outdoor living point of interest.
Twilight/ Night

Photos take just as the sun goes down or after the sun is totally down.  Property should have landscape lighting. This can create dramatic visuals for your listing.We will take photos of all of the areas with lighting.
Twilight/ Night

Photos taken after the sun has gone down or at twilight.  Property should have landscape lighting. This can create dramatic visuals for your listing. We will take photos of all of the areas with lighting.
Same Day Rush

Normal Photo  deliverer is less than 36 hours, but as an exception we can deliver the photos the same day before 9:30pm.  This is not always available due to schedules.


PHOTO Preparation Tips

  • Put as many items in the rooms as much as possible.
  • Bathrooms should have the personal items placed in a easy to move basket.
  • Exterior items should be removed or put away and have the cars moved out of the driveway.
  • Kitchen items should be put away and simplified.
  • Turn on all lights and raise the blinds to allow as much light in during the photo shoot.
  • Kids room are always hard – the excess items should be placed into a corner away from the window and door. 
  • During the photo shoot items that can not be put away – should be moved during the shoot.