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It is all about the photos & price !   Our process uses Existing Light Fusion HD Photos to achieve the most realistic looking photo results.  This allows the character of the room to be highlighted and not erased by HD Flash Photos that so many companies use.   Each photo is comprised of 9 to 15 photos where the exposure is adjusted to capture those areas too bright and sweeping to those areas too dark.  Each set of photos are combined using Fusion HD process to create stunning results.  In some cases where the existing light is too low – we will use a flash to help capture those rooms.  Our camera equipment is either Nikon or Canon 14bit image and we use an ultra wide angle architectural zoom lens that does not distort the image.  The result will leave your sellers very happy and generate higher buyer interest and showings.  After all, the role we play is to generate interest in your listing and show it in the best possible way. 

Front Photos are all about the Sun. We try and schedule the photo shoot when the front of the property will be in full sun.  Sometimes the sun does not cooperate and is covered up by clouds but with our Blue Sky Touch-up we can turn most gray sky into nice blue sky.  Our Touch Up service extends beyond Blue Sky Touch Up as we can touch up grass, flowers, remove bikes & other elements, de-emphasize roof staining, remove inside wall damage, wires and many more touch up items.  

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Our Service Area

Our Primary service area (green) is Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, Alexandria.  With an extended service area ( orange )  of Prince William-Woodbridge, Washington DC, Fauquier, Culpeper, Stafford, Prince Georges, Montgomery. We are also willing to travel to farther locations as needed.  In all of the extended services areas there is an additional travel fee that is based upon how far out of the service areas. 


Our Services

Real Estate Fusion HD Photography with a few Free Aerial Front and Backyard photos and with one free photo touch up included typically blue sky touch-up.  Our Aerial photos are legal even in no fly zones, but sometimes due to trees and wires, aerial photos are not possible. 

Our Fusion HD Photography is comprised of existing light photos of 6, 9 or 15 photo sets per resulting photo. The result is stunning and creates natural looking photos.  A typical 4 bedroom single family home with 3 levels generates about 50 to 80 photos that will detail all of the homes rooms.


Real Estate Virtual Tours – We have various types of virtual tours.  Photo Gallery – This shows a list of all of your photos, we can remove or add photos as needed. Photo Slider – This is shown at the top and rotates through all of the photos at 5 seconds per slide or whatever speed you need.  Slide Show Video – This is a true video but is similar to look and feel of the Photo Slider, but because it is a video the URL of the video can be uploaded to other web sites like Facebook, YouTube and others.  Walk Thru Video – this is a video walk-thru of your listing with many optional features like, room by room descriptions, branding, playback Teaser, Short or Full and other options.  



Dedicated Web Site- is dedicated to your Virtual Tour and includes all of your Virtual Tour options: Photo Gallery, Videos and write up.  These take the form of the  shortened address, so 1313 Mocking Bird Lane, Fairfax VA 22033 could become  Each Dedicated Web Site remains active as long as the associated Domain remains active, typically a Domain Fee covers 1 full year.


Walk Thru Videos show off the flow and details of your listing. This can be either a Slide-Show of stills or Walk Thru Video.  For videos, we use a computer controlled gimble stabilizer that provides smooth Hollywood like videos.  We offer various length videos based upon how and where you will be showing the videos.   A Teaser Video is 15 to 40 seconds, a Short Video is 2 to 4 minutes and a Full Video is 8 to 15 minutes long.  There are many options available to customize the resulting video – from music, to room by room descriptions and Logo-Branding.  You get copies of the videos which you can upload to your website or video media sharing sites and Facebook.

Real Estate Brochures with fantastic layouts.  Our brochures are unique in layout and focus on showing photos of different sizes and are organized to tell the story of your listing.  There are many different layouts which are based upon the type of home being presented – Condos typically only need a 8.5×11 brochure, Townhouses sometime require additional photos and may need the next size of layout to accommodate height of the Front & Rear photos.  Single Family multi-level homes are best served by 11×17 bi-folds which allows more room for photos of more rooms and larger sized photos of the keyrooms.  And for those larger homes we can offer larger brochures in one of two ways.  First we can make the 11×17 into a booklet format which provides 4,8,12++  pages of photos.  Second we can print up to 11x 34 quad fold or 11×26 tri fold.

Ultra High Quality Printing at an affordable price.  Our local printer delivers professional ultra high quality printing on 120…130  #lb card stock with UV coating that produces magazine quality results at a great price point.  Next day  optional delivery is great for those busy agents.  The results are stunning and will impress your sellers as well as your potential buyers.


Studio Photo / Video provides a controlled environment to achieve professional portraits and videos.  We can take portraits, action shots, group shots and even blend in people who could not be present during scheduled photo shoots.  A total professional package – Professional Lighting, Sound Proof Stage, Computer Teleprompter,  Professional 4 person Audio and one primary camera with 2 additional camera angles.  The stage can accommodate up to 8 people standing side by side or more when layered and height is staggered.  And with the sound proofing there are no echos in the audio.  The Studio is a 20 feet wide stage & full height green screen that provided the “actors” the ability to move around and interact with other “actors”.